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Buckingham Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Kettle Tea Pot Tetsubin Hobnail Design, 600 ml

Buckingham Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Kettle Tea Pot Tetsubin Hobnail Design, 600 ml

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Buckingham premium Japanese style cast iron teapots are ideal for brewing traditional loose tea leaves. Manufactured from a high quality specially purified cast iron so heat is evenly distributed throughout the pot to better extract the flavour of the tea. These teapots are enamel-lined interior for efficient heat distribution and easy cleaning, comes with a removable stainless steel fine mesh infuser that makes brewing loose tea very convenient.  Our cast iron teapots are designed with a comfortable and stylish handle, providing easy pouring. Makes a great gift for any loose tea lovers, from green tea to herbal tea. Cleaning your teapot: Fill the teapot with hot water, pour it out and repeat the process at least 3 to 5 times.
. Rinse the outside with hot water.
. Never use cleaning products on the inside or outside of the teapot.
. While the teapot is still warm, wipe the inside and outside with a drying cloth.
. Clean the stainless steel mesh infuser with soapy hot water and wipe with drying cloth.
. After thoroughly drying the teapot with cloth, invert the teapot and allow it to air dry before replacing cover and infuser. Care instructions: Avoid contact with salts and oils.
. Do not place teapot in cold water while still warm.
. Never use in microwave oven.
. Never clean teapot in a dishwasher.
. The inside of the teapot is enamel lined, so choose kitchen utensils that do not scratch the enamel.
. Since these teapots are manufactured from cast iron we recommend the use of trivet to protect table linens and surfaces. Serving Instructions: NEVER heat your teapot over a stove-top or exposed flame.
. Heat the water in a separate conventional stainless pot and use your teapot for brewing and serving only.
. Place tea in the stainless steel infuser.
. Measure the tea quantity according to tea variety and preferred taste.
. Pour hot water into the teapot, cover and allow brewing for 3 to 5 minutes.
. Remove infuser with the tea leaves and serve. : Leaves may be used again depending on the quality and type of tea. Other notes: If the care instructions are followed, your teapot should not rust as the inside has been coated with black enamel. However, in the unlikely event that your teapot should rust, your teapot can still be used since rust is non-toxic and safe. In fact, many Japanese tea connoisseurs actually prefer the taste of tea from a rusted iron teapot! If rust bothers you, clean the rusted area with a soft brush, then fill the pot with used tea leaves and boiling water. Allow to sit for 20 minutes, discard and rinse. Tannic acid in the tea reacts with the rust and forms a natural seal, helping to prevent the reoccurrence of rust.

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